Community Corrections

About Us

BCCC 9-23-2021Brown County Community Corrections (BCCC) was established in 1986 as a Jail-Based Work Release program. Over time, the program grew to include Road Crew, Day Reporting, Home Detention, Community Service, numerous in-house therapeutic and cognitive-behavioral programs, Community Transition Programming (CTP), pretrial conditional release, and pretrial felony and misdemeanor diversion supervision. Currently, Brown County Community Corrections provides Jail-Based Work Release, Home Detention (with 24/7 GPS monitoring), Day Reporting (with or BCCwithout 24/7 GPS monitoring), Community Service, CTP, pretrial conditional release, pretrial felony & misdemeanor diversion supervision, and numerous in-house therapeutic & cognitive behavioral programs free-of-charge to participants. The program serves both adults & juveniles residing in Brown & adjacent counties, and is staffed with an Office Manager, 2 Field Officers/Case Managers, and a Program Director.


Brown County Community Corrections is committed to providing a range of local, evidence based correctional services consistent with Indiana Department of Corrections guidelines. These services shall support public safety, hold offenders accountable, and improve offender ability to live productive, law-abiding lives in the community. 


Brown County Community Corrections envisions a community with social order where neither community members nor property is at risk of criminal activity. We envision a community of people who help and are helped, of offenders whose positive potential is attained, and of restorative justice after offenders have committed crimes. 

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