2022 General Election Results

Official Brown County results with 11 of 11 precincts reporting including early voting, absentee, and provisional votes as of November 18th, 2022 at 4:27 PM.

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County-level offices:

Brown County Prosecutor

4,837 (R) Ted Adams

Brown County Clerk

(D) No candidate

3,780 (R) Pearletta Banks

1,974 (I) Laura Wert

Brown County Auditor

(D) No candidate

4,722 (R) Julia Reeves

Brown County Sheriff

(D) No candidate

4,852 (R) Brad Stogsdill

Brown County Coroner

(D) No candidate

4,120 (R) Michael R. Moore

1,567 (I) Kathy Grimes Smith

Brown County Assessor

(D) No candidate

4,765 (R) Mari H. Miller

Brown County Commissioner Dist. 2

2,326 (D) Stephanie Porter Kritzer

3,289 (R) Ronald A. Sanders

740 (I) Jeff Harden

Brown County Council Dist. 1

(D) No candidate

1,103 (R) Gary Huett

Brown County Council Dist. 2

(D) No candidate

1,131 (R) Darren Byrd

Brown County Council Dist. 3

(D) No candidate

1,124 (R) Joel Kirby

Brown County Council Dist. 4

736 (D) Marcia Grooms Taylor

1,087 (R) Jim Kemp

Township Trustees & Board Member(s):

Township Trustee Hamblin Township

1,331 (R) Phil Stephens

Township Trustee Jackson Township

1,238 (R) Sandra K Higgins

Township Trustee Van Buren Township

606 (R) Ashley Lucas - Resigned

(R) Shannon J. Ayers - Appointed

Township Trustee Washington Township

1,574 (R) Brandon Edens Magner

Township Board Member Hamblen Township (3 members)

717 (R) Freida Milnes

656 (R) Robert L Rossman

643 (D) Tina McCormack

Township Board Member Jackson Township (3 members )

644 (R) Larry L Gardner

576 (R) James Kakavecos Jr

825 (R) Sandra Pool

Township Board Member Van Buren Township (3 members )

498 (R) Vicki Payne

323 (R) Ben Phillips

290 (R) Sally Sanders

Township Board Member Washington Township (3 members )

982 (R) Jim Rispoli - TBA

1,149 (R) Mary Ann Soll

958 (D) Paul D Hardin

842 (D) Melissa B Rittenhouse

Nashville Town Council (nonpartisan, member at-large - three members):

103 Nancy Crocker

138 Anna Hofstetter

 91 Melissa Parker

186 David Rudd

170 Andi Wilson

Brown County School Board (nonpartisan, one per district):

Dist. 1

2,495 Carolyn Bowden

2,259 Kevin Patrick

Dist. 2

1,726 Jenise Bohbrink

2,014 Vicki Harden

1,234 Kathryn D. Lane

Dist. 3

1,462 Kevin McCracken

1,762 Doug Payne

751 Mark T. Smith

935 Edward Wojdyla

2,699 Yes

3,030 No

State and Federal offices (Results for state and federal offices below include Brown County votes only):

U.S. Senator

2,113 (D) Thomas M. McDermott Jr.

3,796 (R) Todd Young

429 (L) James Sceniak

28 Write-in

Secretary of State

3,329 (R) Diego Morales

2,276 (D) Destiny Scott Wells

691 (L) Jeffrey Maurer

6 Write-In

Auditor of State

3,899 (R) Tera Klutz

2,019 (D) ZeNai Brooks

365 (L) John Andrew Schick

Treasurer of State

4,040 (R) Daniel Elliot

2,209 (D) Jessica McClellan

U.S. Representative, 9th District

2,089 (D) Matthew Fyfe

3,992 (R) Erin Houchin

303 (L) Tonya L. Millis

0 Write-In

State Representative Dist. 62

2,189 (D) Penny Githens

4,214 (R) Dave Hall

Judicial retention: Leanna K. Weissman

3,451 Yes

1,392 No

Judicial retention: Nancy Vaidik

3,422 Yes

1,446 No