Brown County Elections

Check Your Voter Registration

The Indiana Secretary of State recently sent out postcards to verify voters and it is imperative that you check your status. Verify your voting status and make sure your status is active. Be sure Vote Button WeThePeopleto look up your name as you had registered (ex. Natasha Romanoff instead of the shorter version, Nat Romanoff, OR James T. Kirk instead of a nickname, Jim Kirk). If you do not find your name, contact the Brown County Clerk's office Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 4 PM at 812-988-5510.

Candidate Information

If you are interested in running in the upcoming election, be sure to review the State of Indiana's election website for candidate forms, campaign finance information, form deadlines and other general information.

Election Dates

To find out specific deadlines with regards to the upcoming election dates, visit the State of Indiana's election website for voter information.

Work the Polls

Our democracy depends on Hoosiers taking the initiative to play an active role in the freedoms of democracy. The State of Indiana and Brown County is calling on civic-minded individuals to work the polls on Election Day.

There are two easy requirements in order to participate:

  • You must be a registered voter and a resident of the county in which you wish to work
  • You must be at least 18 years old (or 16/17 if participating in Election Day Live)
  • Poll workers earn up to $175 for their service, depending on the county.

To sign-up, please contact the Brown County Clerk at 812-988-5510 or your local party representative. In addition, you can explore information on one of the Secretary of State's Poll Worker Recruitment Programs:

Election Results

To review the full listing of election results for Federal, State of Indiana and Brown County, check out the Indiana Election Division website.

Election Board Meeting Minutes and Agendas