Wellness Registration

New Wellness Site Users Registration Step 1

This page is for user registration for the Brown County Government Wellness site.  Users of the Wellness site will be required to register on the site to track their progress.

New Users must first Register, and then Authorize their new account.

New User Registration

  • Click the Register button in the Account Login box on the right side of this page. This takes you to a Registration Dialog Box.
  • Fill out the registration form completely.

User Name: This is the ID you will use to log in to the site each time you visit.

Password:  Must be at least 7 characters, including at least one number or special character

Display Name:  Your First and Last name.  Example: Susan Smyth

Email Address: Used to send confirmations and password reset if necessary

  • Click the "register" button to save your settings.

You are now registered!  Now it's time to Authorize your new account!

New User Authorization

  • After registration, when you return to this page you will see a box labeled "AUTHORIZATION CODE".  Type in and Submit your code.  This will give you access to the wellness pages. Type that code in and click "Submit".
  • Click the "Start Tracking" button to see your account.  You should now have full access to the Wellness Pages, to track your progress.

Returning Users

Returning Users may log in to view their account on the Wellness Page.

Users may log in using the Account Login on this page, the Wellness page, or with the "Login" icon in the upper left corner of any page.