Appeals Process

Every year, the Form 11s are mailed out to property owners. Form 11 is the notification of the current year's assessed valuation. If Form 11s are mailed on or before May 1 of the assessment year, property assessment appeals for that year may only be between the date of mailing and June 15 of the assessment year. If no notice of assessment is given, the tax bill serves as the notice of assessment.

Indiana Department of Local Government Finance, Property Tax Assessment Appeals Fact Sheet

The Form 11 Notice of Assessment is based on the value of the property for the year in which the Notice of Assessments are issued. 

  • The State defines True Tax Value as the price that would induce the owner to sell the real property, and the price at which the buyer would purchase the real property for a continuation of use of the property for its current use. 
  • Indiana Law provides every property owner with a right to appeal their assessed value. A taxpayer should be aware that when deciding to file an appeal,  an appeal has 3 possible outcomes: the assessed value may go down, the assessed value may go up or the assessed value may remain the same. 

If a property owner decides to file an assessment appeal the process may be started by selecting the DLGF Form 130 found here: State of Indiana;  Form 130, Taxpayer's Notice to Initiate an Appeal .  Taxpayers may submit their completed & signed appeal form in person or via email to the Brown County Assessor Mari Miller.  Once we receive your Appeal, our office will begin to review the information provided. We will begin reviewing appeals as they come in. You should expect to hear from our office within 90 days of submitting your appeal.